At Elm Therapy Services we “predict forwards to treat backwards”.

At Elm Therapy Services we “predict forwards to treat backwards”. This means looking ahead and asking where a person will be in ten years’ time if we don’t intervene? Then, putting into place a plan of action to achieve the best possible outcome for the years ahead.

Broadly speaking, our services cover these areas:

Assessment: gathering all relevant information from the client and those around them to develop an appreciation of their illness or injury and how it affects their independence and mobility in their daily life.

Planning: developing a comprehensive plan with all concerned, outlining rehabilitation goals and the support needed to achieve independence.

Implementation: where necessary, providing a programme of occupational therapy and hands on care, regularly reviewed and monitored to ensure the client’s needs are met.

Liaison: ensuring access to all services, including specialist NHS services, through effective liaison.

Additional services, provided on a consultative basis:

Somek & Associates – compiling medico-legal reports, the findings of which are used in court to indicate a claimant’s past, present and future needs for equipment, care and housing.

West Country Case Management – providing case management services for adults and children with brain injury and/or complex physical and psychological disabilities.

Krysalis/Enable Therapy Services – providing Immediate Needs Assessment Reports (INA) and direct treatment, as required, on behalf of companies in the personal injury sector.